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                          Antioxidant YD-B225
        Characteristic:  Combined substance of DL-1010 and DL-168

        1.  Appearance:white crystalline powder or granular
        2.    Volatile: 0.5%max
        3.  Ash Content: 0.1%max
        4.  Solubility of toluene:  (10/100ml toluene)clear
        5.   Transmissivity:   425nm    ≥97%

                               500nm    ≥98%
        6.   CAS#:31570-04-4, 6683-19-8.
        7. compounded  ratio: Antioxidant YD-1010: 45.0-55.0%
                              Antioxidant YD-168: 55.0-45.0%
        8.  Application:
              The serious product of compound antioxidant  has the processing stability to the
        polyalkemer  and has  the fiction  of protecting  the  products .It  is widely  used in  the
        high  molecule  materials  such  as  adhesive,  polyethylene,  polypropene,  polyamide,
        ABS   resin,  PS   resin,   PVC,  PC,   binding   agent,  rubber,   petroleum  etc.   It   has
        outstanding  processing   stability  and   long-term  protection  effects   to  polyolefine.
        Through the  concerted  effect  of antioxidant  1010  and antioxidant  168,  the thermal
        degradation and oxidization degradation can be effectively inhibited.

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